Oct 22, 2011

The Sweet Pain Part IV

 The Sweet Pain : Part IV
by : N. Ameera J.

14 June'11 - 1:43 a.m
Well, what shall I write about today? Before that, I just wanted to say…Hi! I'm so happy that I came back! Yeah right, don't be decieved by those fake sentences. I wasn't that cheerful anyway. I just hate today. Why? Because of the stupid school. I just feel like running away from that hell. I've been feeling like this since the first week of school. My first impression of this school hadn't change since then.

Why did I sound that I strongly hate the school? Firstly, because the rules were so tight. Everything we do is wrong. Urgh. Secondly, because of the teachers. I don't usually get them. Thirdly, my classmates are just like whatever. Hmm, I should've not list. Because when I do start listing, it could go on forever.

Today's just awful. I've had many stupid scenes today. I got scolded by my Math teacher on the first period. Why? Because I was being noisy. That was based on the teacher. But I wasn't that noisy! People were called my name many times but I just ignored them. But I should've listen to them. Suddenly, I heard the teacher YELLED my friend's and my name loudly. We were all shocked.

"Yes ma'am?" My friend and I came in front slowly.

"You made so much noises and you were asking what's wrong?" the teacher asked back.  "Look at you both! You weren't paying attention!"

We didn't ask what's wrong. Urgh. And yeah we did pay attention, but we just kept quiet. If I had the courage to reply back, ""I was trying to pay attention but the way you teach was pretty boring. You should be grateful that I didn't sleep!"

If you were me, would you do that?

"Hmmm, speak for yourself! Anyway, I'd let you free this time. But if you do it next time, you both will get detention. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry," we said at the same time. It was such an embarrassing moment. But not only this scene was embarrassing. There were loads of shameful thing happened today. I'll just tell you a few of them. Here's the next one.

It was History time when it happened. As soon as the teacher explained things that I didn't hear it clearly, she went on asking us, "Okay, who didn't bring their textbook today? If so, please stand up,"

I searched the book in my bag. Under my desk. Under my friend's desk. But I couldn't find it anywhere.  I had to stand up whether I like it or not. Then the teacher said sarcastically, "Ooh,  looks like we've got a pair of couple here. The most handsome boy, Daniel and the beautiful girl as  the most perfect couple,"

The whole class was cheering and congratulating me. My god. Why me? And why did I get teased with DANIEL? I'd rather be teased with Joe! I could also feel my cheek very hot. Am I blushing? No way. I just hate that stupid scene.

"Quiet, class. I was just kidding. No offense meant, eh? I'm sorry," the teacher tried to calmed the class. But mind you, my classmates were really hard to be quiet. "Seriously, be QUIET! Okay, why didn't you two bring the book?"

"Urm…I think I misplaced the book. I can't find it anywhere, teacher,"

"And how 'bout you, boy? Will it be the same reason as hers?" the teacher 'accepted' my silly reason and went on asking him.

"No way, teacher. I just forgot to bring it,"

And blahblahblah. So what's the ending of that stupid scene? They went on teasing me and rumours were spread that he actually like me. Yeah right. So funny that I forgot to laugh. Whatever but guess what? I checked my bag again on the recess and I found my textbook on my bag. Let me repeat this again.I did bring it!  It was such a waste of time standing, being teased by them.

Well, I think that's enough for today. Two silly scenes are enough for today right? I know there's more but I'm too lazy and sleepy to tell. But I wish time machine really exist. It'd come in handy whenever you'd done a stupid shameful thing like above. But whatever.  It's 2.38 in the morning now. Well, thanks for reading. Goodbye.

kthansbaii -ameera-