Aug 20, 2011

don't make me block you , kayy ?

hmmm >< okay , first of all , how should i start ? susah laa nak cakap kat sini . this is kinda personal . apa masalah budak niyhh ? which part of no doesn't he understand ? and i did explain why i refused it rite ? so ape lagi kau nak ? AKU JUST TAK NAK JADI MACAM SEVERAL MONTHS AGO , if you understand what i mean

aku tak kesah kalau kau nak jadi kawan aku . but more than that ? sorry laa , this is not the time , okayy ? I DID EXPLAIN , so what more do you want ? yess , i'm sorry that i turned you down . but it's better that way . sebab aku tak nak repeat the same mistakes . so...if you ask one more time , i'll block you for sure :p


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