Oct 22, 2011

The Sweet Pain Part III

The Sweet Pain (Part III)
by : N. Ameera J.

13 June 2011 - 12 am
Hi and welcome back. Sorry that I didn’t constantly write on this thing. The past days were pretty boring. But today was different. Granny came this morning. Oh, I missed her so much!

She told me that she came to fix my parents’ problem. It was Mom’s idea on the first place in fact. Mom actually loved Dad deep in her heart, but every time she tried to be good with Dad, something bad happened. So, she called Granny for help.

"I'm just so nervous!" Mom said, while trying on a nice blue dress she haven't wore for a while. "Will it work? What if Arthur hated this idea of gathering us together? What if we fight?"

"How many times do I have to tell you? It's worth if you try. If you both fight…it means that…you both weren't meant for each other," Granny answered calmly. I was just at Granny's thigh, lying there.

"Do you think it will work?" Mom suddenly asked me.

"Maybe. Mom…how will Dad come to the restaurant? And who told him to go there?" I asked back. I already knew the answer actually, but I was just trying to keep the conversation alive. "You said you called him, right, Granny? If so…what did you told him?

"Yes. I called him, honey. You knew that, didn't you? I told him that my daughter and I just missed having dinner with him. Don't you worry, you both. I'm pretty sure it'll work. My instincts said so.

So, who do you believe, readers? Granny's words or my instinct? My instinct at that time was…it will not work. Mom and Dad will fight in the restaurant. But who knows? Okay, let's skip to the part where Mom, Granny and I already reached to the restaurant.

"Hmm…it's been fifteen minutes now," Mom said, worrily. Oh I forgot to tell you. Mom would act childish if she were nervous or in a worry. She's always like that. "Where is him? Or Dad already found out our plan?"

"Arthur will be here soon. Don't you worry, Scarlett. I just called him when I was at the toilet. He said that traffic lights were all over the place. That's normal, right?" Granny replied while looking at me. I didn't say anything, I just nodded.

A while later, I saw Dad entered the restaurant. I looked at Mom and she seemed really nervous. This was the first time in a few years that we have dinner altogether.

As soon as Dad went to the counter, Granny hurried and also went to the counter too. Apart from here, I could hear them a little bit. Mom was also eavesdropping. Dad said, "So, where's the spot? Did you both ordered already?"

"No, we didn't order yet. You're just in time. Okay…let me get this straight. But don’t be mad, Arthur," Granny answered softly trying to make it as easy as possible. "Hmm… Scarlett's here too. Do you mind if she joined us too?"

"Hmm…okay. I don't mind at all," he said, struggling to find the right words. I couldn’t really read his mind. Mom and I couldn't eavesdrop anymore because Granny noticed  and gave signals to stop eavesdropping.

A second later, they were both already here. Then, Dad suddenly cleared his throats and said, "I'm sorry for being late. I'll be on time next time,"

"That's okay, Dad. So…take a seat!" I said cheerfully. Well, I just faked the expression. I wasn't that cheerful actually. I was as hungry as a bear. I felt like eating donkeys.

As soon as Dad sat, a waitress suddenly came to us. We all waited the same which were a big roasted turkey to share, four plates of cheese cake and four glasses of punch that tasted like dirt. There was this loud silence while we waited for food. We haven’t eaten dinner altogether for years! 

Dad broke up the silence by asking me, "So, how's school? Everything's alright?"

"Pretty much okay. Guess what, Dad? I've got an A for the intermediate Math test!"

"Congrat, my daughter!" Dad and Mum replied at the same time. They just smiled and looked at each other and laughed. Oh, how awkward when they say things and both laughed at the same time. Could it be love all over again?

"See, Scarlett? I knew that you both can get along. You were both pig-headed," Granny said.

Then, the food finally came. As soon as the waitress put the foods onto our table, we ate like we haven't eaten for ten years. My parents were also happy with each other. Granny's instinct was right; they could get along!

We finished eating an hour later. We were all quiet on the way back home. Maybe it was because we were filled with the not-so-yummy food. We all went home with no regrets. But as soon as we reached home, I hurriedly went to my room to finish our homework. Well, that’s all. Today’s practically cool. I’m going to sleep. Goodbye.

kthansbaii -ameera-

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